Current first author projects:

Systematic Review: Virtual/Augmented Reality and its Usage for Low Vision and Retinal Prosthetics

A literature review following PRISMA guidelines. Summarizes how VR/AR has been used for low vision individuals through accessability enhancement and low vision simulations. Highlights the current lack of biologically relevant models for bionic vision and needs moving forward.
Expected Completion: March 2021.
Co-authors: N Wu, B Johnson | Principal Investigator: M Beyeler

Evaluating Visual Prosthetic Efficacy With Immersive Virtual Reality Simulations

A multi-study research project focused on evaluating retinal prosthetics through the use of virtual reality simulations. Following the pulse2percept framework, I have developed a biologically relevant, virtual reality simulation of bionic vision. Over the next few years, I will be validating my model and using it to study the currently available technology for bionic vision.
Expected Completion: 2023.
Principal Investigator: M Beyeler

Individual Differences in Navigation through Diffusion MRI Tractography

In this study, participants navigated through a virtual maze while their brain activity was recorded using fMRI. Diffusion images were taken before and after the task and multiple toolboxes (DSI-Studio, TBSS, MDT) were used to analyze the individual differences in brain structure that are correlated with performance.
Expected Completion: February 2021.
Co-authors: H Radhakrishnan, A Tharinipathy | Principal Investigator: E Chrastil